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“I came to America with nothing but my dreams and a handful of English. Read the story of how I achieved my American Dream. It is my passion to teach beginners how to make real money on the internet.”

                                                    – Nicholas Chou, Founder of Easy TV Money ® System

The Comeback Guy

I came to America with nothing but a suitcase full of dreams. I want to tell you how I became a millionaire in a foreign country – despite my empty pocket and halting English. I like helping small businesses grow and succeed because I have been there before.

I own several successful e-commerce websites.

I run the internet marketing website MP Marketing Center, which provides internet marketers and webmasters with tools, tips, and tricks.

I am the founder of Chinese Food DIY, one of the most popular Chinese food websites. My cookbook, “Real and Healthy Chinese Cooking,” is one of the bestselling books about authentic Chinese food.

My latest creation is the Easy TV Money ® System. It teaches people how to make real income by watching TV at home.

Nobody would even think that a little over five years ago, I was buried in debts. Mine is a genuine story of financial struggles and a comeback that surprised everyone, including myself. To say that I was broke is an understatement. I was lost.

Hall of Shame: Broken Than Broke

I was your definition of broke and more: penniless, undernourished, ashamed, and taunted by fate.

I was the last person people would lend money to. I had the word “loser’ stamped on my chest. My bank account was closed as a result of going into overdraft too many times. I owed my friends thousands of dollars of cash. I couldn’t pay for my tuition fees despite working three jobs. At my lowest, I had to pry pennies from my piggy bank just to buy hotdogs. I was so skinny I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror.

The Farm Dirt Road

My story started halfway across the world in a small farming town in Hubei, China. I grew up in a simple household with my parents and two older sisters. My father is a schoolteacher, and my mother is a farmer and a former opera singer.

When other boys had toys, I had my wok and ladle. I started to cook at a very young age. I loved helping around the farm and doing simple chores. In school, I was very competitive.

Although I had a good life, I wanted something more. I wanted to come to America to study. For me, education was a ticket to success. I studied hard for months, well into the wee hours of the morning. What seemed to be an impossible dream became a reality. I won a scholarship to America!

That idea of reality, however, became a bitter reality in the beginning. The first few years I thought my American Dream was slipping off my fingers. I was faced with so many challenges.

The Turning Point

After nights of turning and tossing in bed, I finally decided to put a stop to all those things. I was determined to bail out of the Financial Hall of Shame.

Everything changed when I discovered internet marketing. After three years of studying and working like crazy, my efforts paid off. I was finally out of debt and earning more than I would have ever dreamed of. Quickly. I became a millionaire in 3 years.

American Dream – A Reality

Today I own and co-own 4 businesses with operations in 24 countries. I have an MBA and a Ph.D.

I still keep handwritten records of my debts as a reminder of how I was able to turn things around.

Make my story your story. Join me on Facebook. Follow me on Twitter. Check out my Easy TV Money ® System. Allow me to help you.

To Your Success!




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  1. I just had a Skype call with this amazing person. But what’s interesting is that I didn’t know until after the call what his background or accomplishments were, other than he was an eight year internet marketer with a great list. But between the picture of him you see here, and his nature on the call, I had a strong sense that this was someone special. After going to his website and reading his inspiring story, I found that I was right! :-)

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