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I’m Nicholas Chou (Nick). I am an Internet marketer, book author, entrepreneur, web and graphic designer, and computer scientist. I’m the creator of the Easy TV Money® System… a system that teaches people how to make money by simply watching TV at home and following an easy-to-follow formula. I am the founder of Chinese Food DIY, a website that teaches people how to cook real and healthy Chinese food. I sell my cookbook Real And Healthy Chinese Cooking on the site. Millions of people have learned how to eat healthy from the website and our newsletters with over 38,000 subscribers. I also run the Internet marketing website MP Marketing Center, which provides Internet marketers and webmasters with tools, tips and tricks. I have helped thousands of people start, build, and improve their small businesses. With $200 in my pocket, I came to the U.S. with almost zero English speaking capability in 2001. When I first started my online business back in 2003, I had a negative balance on my checking account due to overdrawing, owed my friends and credit card companies over $20,000 in debit, and had no house, car, or savings whatsoever. At one point I had to count the coins in my piggy bank to buy food. Today, I own 4 successful businesses in 24 countries and became a millionaire when I was 29 years old. It’s been a wild ride. Here I want to share what I’ve seen, what I’ve done, and what I’ve learned. More importantly, I want to help YOU. I want to help you build and grow your business and achieve your financial freedom.

28 Jan

How to Insert Scanned Signature to PDF

adobe pdf How to Insert Scanned Signature to PDF

It is not the easiest to digitally sign a PDF document. You may have to print the original document, sign it, scan it, and email it to the recipient.

How do you do it more quickly?

Step 1: Do This Once – Scan Your Signature to Your Computer

You only need to do this once:

1. Sign your name on a piece of paper.
2. Scan your name on a scanner and save it as an image on your computer (jpg, gif, or png format). If you don’t have a scanner, you can go to FedEx or Staples to do so and ask them to email you the image.

Step 2A: If You Use Adobe Reader and Don’t Care Much about Security

It is actually very easy to digitally sign a PDF with the latest version of Adobe Reader. This is less secure than using Adobe Acrobat as Acrobat has more robust security settings. If you do have Acrobat and are signing a sensitive document, I recommend you refer to Step 2B instead.

For Adobe Reader, follow these steps: Read More

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23 Oct

Outsourcing: Hiring on a Shoestring Budget?

ID 10097411 Outsourcing: Hiring on a Shoestring Budget?

Imagine having coffee, eating breakfast – while someone from the other side of the world is editing web content for you… and that it’s past dinnertime where that person is right now.  That’s a basic picture of how outsourcing works.

Outsourcing has become something of a staple move for companies around the world – especially those in the U.S.

Before outsourcing , there must be a clear contract or agreement between the two parties.

What Jobs Can be Outsourced?

Although some of what we call outsourcing hotspots aren’t ready to take on very technical tasks, anything is possible in outsourcing. The menu is full of options such as: Read More

15 Sep

How to Provide Excellent Customer Service

ID 10046440 300x300 How to Provide Excellent Customer Service


In internet marketing, you just don’t come forward and offer your product on a platter and expect followers to mushroom all over the place. Okay, let’s assume you have a great product, but then quality isn’t everything. A lot of factors come into play to achieve best-seller status.

The quality of your product is NOT the sole determiner of your success. Customer service is another important factor.

Convincing people to buy your product means you have to be convincing. Credibility is especially important because it builds confidence in your product among potential customers. You may not be marketing your image per se, but your image is part of the marketing. Read More

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23 Aug

How To Do A Successful Internet Marketing Product Launch

Everyone it seems has a product or products to offer these days. It’s a race to the customer’s shopping cart – virtual or made of stainless steel. Here’s a direct-to-the-point, bare-essentials mini guide to successfully launching an internet marketing product.

The idea is – if you think you have something you know is worthwhile to show to the world – launch it! To be poetic, a pearl is next to useless if it remains inside the shell.

  • Develop a (great) product concept.

ID 10067214 How To Do A Successful Internet Marketing Product LaunchA great product concept can be synonymous with sales, but it’s not everything.

It’s something you know a great deal about or something you CAN learn (to expert level). But I’d rather choose the first if I were you.

Nowadays, people are looking for concrete solutions, and they want solutions NOW (this doesn’t give anyone the license to sell a misleading, get-rich-quick scheme).

Just to give you an idea, aside from having good health and looking good, people nowadays want to be rich and to achieve financial freedom (a no-brainer, really).

Start with a product that you know has a strong market demand or something people want to buy. You can add “unique” and “interesting.” Read More

06 Aug

Five Memorable Moments in the Olympics

Every Olympic meet is memorable. Each Olympiad has its own set of feats, glories, even defeats. When I think of “memorable moments in Olympic history,” I think of certain Olympic events and happenings that have truly made a worldwide impact – or created a phenomenon.

Michael Phelps medal 2008 Olympics2 Five Memorable Moments in the Olympics

Michael Phelps at the Beijing 2008 Olympics

A memorable Olympic moment for me can be someone with superhuman skills breaking world records, or someone not winning a medal but winning the hearts of people.

A historic Olympic event is a beautiful display of power, ability, speed, grace, and most importantly for me, genuine sportsmanship.

Many of those memorable Olympic moments happened in the distant past, but technology allows us to “watch history” again and again such as images of athletes in slow motion – graceful and poignant.

For me, a memorable Olympic moment happened: Read More