26 Jul

Basketball and Internet Marketing: Goals and Shots

Internet marketing and basketball may be two seemingly different concepts, but I tell you there are (uncanny?) similarities apart from the fact that one can get really rich from both, and that internet marketers can get so rich they can buy flashy shoes, the kind Kobe or LeBron get signed up by.

Basketball 300x199 Basketball and Internet Marketing: Goals and ShotsWhat’s the goal? Shoot the ball!

Basketball and internet marketing are built on motivation. A basketball player works to shoot the ball (literally into the goal); the internet marketer works to  make his online business successful (obviously!).

Both should have achievable goals.

·         You aren’t naive to wish for one million clicks one second from launch.

·         You can’t wish you were born with shoes “like Mike’s.”

There are many ways to that great shot.

You can zigzag your way to the goal or take a shot from downtown (that’s a three-pointer). You can employ a host of techniques to build a successful business online; SEO, ad campaigns, relentless marketing, etc.

No one-man or one-woman game.

Associate with the right people. Be on a strong team. Be a strong team member yourself. As an internet marketer, chances are you are into affiliate marketing. You are a part of a merchant’s team, or you have other merchants on your team. You are united by one goal – to sell a product or an idea.

I have never seen a basketball player single-handedly scoring for the team. There are always other players who contribute for the team’s total score.

If you’re an internet market, you have people who consciously or subconsciously help you achieve your dreams – uhm– goals.

Your website won’t survive without traffic (composed of readers, clients, and customers). In basketball, you have to survive the traffic (composed of players who are ready to foul you and who help make the game exciting) under the basket to take a layup shot.

What’s the point of having hot hands if you don’t have a championship ring on your finger?

Superstars don’t single-handedly win a championship. They must have support behind them, or they must partner with other great players for their team to become the greatest of the season. Big 3s are in nowadays.

In internet marketing, you sign up as an affiliate – to join a network or a team, to be a part of something big with winning campaigns.

Are there any differences?

In internet marketing, you can partly rely on word of mouth to build your brand or name. In basketball, you rely on pure skills. You don’t get to be MVP because people talk about you, or if you play lousy or make twenty turnovers per game (if you’re still allowed to play).

This isn’t to say internet marketing is purely a popularity contest and that basketball is purely a physical game. Both should involve careful planning and strategizing though in different categories.

Who will take the shot?

You plan your moves, strategies, and techniques. You may have a team of SEO experts or internet marketing strategists with you, but it’s you who’s running the business. You may have your teammates with you, but when the ball is in your hands, it’s your responsibility; you own the moment.

Is there a shortcut to success?

Success can happen overnight…Your idea or product may go viral in a marketing miracle. Your halfcourt attempt may get in.

Anything is possible, but you don’t die for the least likely! You work on the likely, but when the least likely happens, you celebrate the bonus (a hook shot coming from ten feet above the ring or your product selling like hotcakes on the day you launch it).

For always, you need to go for quality – quality of your product or idea and quality of your game. That’s the truest shot to success!

As an internet marketer, your business is dictated by clicks. As a basketball player, your game is dictated by the ball.

In internet marketing, you control the traffic ; and you control the clicks.

In basketball, you control the rebound; and you control the game.

Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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