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12 Jun

Top 5 WordPress Plugins To Get Traffic

I0073 Penknife Top 5 WordPress Plugins To Get TrafficGetting people to your website (or getting them to come back) is pretty hard work. If it wasn’t, then we’d all have sites that rank when it comes to the amount of traffic that they attract. Unfortunately for everyone – and dare I say, fortunately for us – there are some nifty WordPress plugins that can make your traffic-driving job easier.


This plugin adds a fully customizable vertical bar to the left of a post. The Sharebar contains a couple of links and buttons to the top social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest. Not only does it make sharing your content a whole lot easier for your visitors, it also encourages them to do so. Sharebar therefore makes it easier for their friends to see the same content and visit your site.

Facebook Social Plugin

With nearly a billion subscribers, Facebook is a resource that you simply can’t ignore. Enter the Facebook Social Plugin. This helpful little plugin provides your readers information about your Facebook page such as the number of people who like the page and the faces of those who do so. The ‘Like’ button is very noticeable, providing readers with the option to like your page without having to leave it. Install this plugin and start gaining more traffic to your site.

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10 Apr

How To Start A Blog

I finally decided to redesign my blog for the last time after 3 years of switching themes and logo designs back and forth. So this is it! I spent 3

Photoxpress 4927570 200x300 How To Start A Blog hours putting everything together. So here are the steps you can follow to start your own blog under 3 hours.

1. Choose or

The differences between and are well explained on this page:

In a nutshell, is easier to install but has less control while provides more control. In general, if your blog is for personal use and you don’t care much about your blog looking extremely professional, you should probably choose Otherwise, if you want to use your own logo, customize the theme, and change the layout, you should choose

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