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10 Jun

What Is AIDA? And The Belief That You Only Have 7 Seconds To Catch Your Readers’ Attention

ID 10084822 300x210 What Is AIDA? And The Belief That You Only Have 7 Seconds To Catch Your Readers AttentionOkay, I don’t mean Aida the girl. But if you’re an advertiser or a marketer, you really can’t breathe without AIDA. AIDA is a basic principle used in marketing and advertising that describes the process of wooing people into becoming customers, buyers, leads, referrers, subscribers, etc.

AIDA is an acronym credited to advertising pioneer E. St. Elmo Lewis. It stands for four ideas on which an effective copy or advertisement is based: attention, interest, desire, and action.

Attention – Before you can make a customer or buyer out of someone, you need to catch his or her attention first. Your campaign must hook the audience like fish. It has to be a marketing head turner! Campaigns can employ sophisticated styles, simple but interesting quips, or plain cheap tricks.

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18 Feb

How to Write Catchy Titles


Think of your title as bait. People should take it.  

It serves as a door or window to the rest of your content. If people see a dull entrance, why would they bother to come inside?

You only have a few seconds to make an impression. One look and two things can happen. People either:

  • Proceed to read the whole of your content
  • Or hit the back arrow right away

    Fishing 300x300 How to Write Catchy Titles

    digitalart /

1.    Pick an interesting, in-demand subject (earth-shaking even).

Choose a topic that you know people want to read or need to read about. Start with practical subject matters or something they need on an ordinary day. Be it a list of tips to create an interesting blog or how to remove carpet stains.

You can also do fun content. After all, many people go online to be entertained. Here are two good titles:

    What Your Email Says About Your Mentality

    Reasons Why You’re Broke

2.   Be faithful to your title. Read More

12 Feb

How To Be A Great Copywriter

pencil 180x300 How To Be A Great Copywriter


When you write a poem, you’re not thinking of a throng of people to sell an idea or product to(or you’re not thinking of pleasing your boss). A piece of literature is almost always written as pure self-expression, while a copy is written to catch people’s attention and to get them to respond with the desired action. Writing poetry or fiction is different from writing marketing materials. What is constant is the writer’s skill.

If you want to know how to be a great copywriter or want to hire one, this list might come in handy.

Ideas – Before anything else, a copywriter has to have ideas.  Sometimes, there are too many ideas that the hands can barely keep up with the mind. When theseare written down, they become the realization of a copywriter’s creativity.

Engaging Content – A great copywriter is able to pull off “you-can’t-put-it-down” contents, knows how to hook you from the first line on, and makes you want to read on right down to the last punctuation mark. Read More

30 Jan

Defining Copywriting


Copywriting is not copying someone’s writing. 

Copywriting2 300x199 Defining Copywriting

renjith krishnan/

It’s not a remote possibility that some copywriters prefer to be simply called “writers” because the well-meaning population misunderstands them and mistakes them for plagiarists when they say they do copywriting.

Copywriting is writing with a commercial intent. Copywriters write to sell or market ideas, products, and services.

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Copywriters write content for advertisements, brochures, leaflets, banners, newsletters, and other marketing materials.

Copywriting is about persuading, convincing, and their synonyms.

A good copywriter is able to sell tea to a coffee drinker. He or she can weave lines that prompt people to take action. He or she can turn a skeptic into a believer. Read: an awesome copywriter can move mountains. Read More

29 Jan



shout 198x300 Attention!


I don’t know why they usually say, “Pay attention.” We don’t pay love, pay care, and pay help. People don’t owe us attention. We can’t demand for them to pay us back.

The word “attention” can mean several things. Sometimes, it goes with “Chest out. Stomach in.” Attention from a girl you like? That’s sweet. Attention from your cat means his ears are perked up.

If you’re doing business online, attention is almost like a commodity. You want to buy it. Everyone’s dying for it, and many resort to cheap tricks just to have it.

Attention is the foundation of interest. And interest can translate to:

  • Traffic
  • Income or revenue
  • Popularity

These three are the perpetual reasons why people want to create websites or blogs.

“Attention” for the internet marketer means more than a nod or a pat on the back. A lot of effort is invested in creating great content, to attract people’s…well… attention. You only have ten seconds or less to figuratively turn heads. Read More