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15 Sep

How to Provide Excellent Customer Service

ID 10046440 300x300 How to Provide Excellent Customer Service


In internet marketing, you just don’t come forward and offer your product on a platter and expect followers to mushroom all over the place. Okay, let’s assume you have a great product, but then quality isn’t everything. A lot of factors come into play to achieve best-seller status.

The quality of your product is NOT the sole determiner of your success. Customer service is another important factor.

Convincing people to buy your product means you have to be convincing. Credibility is especially important because it builds confidence in your product among potential customers. You may not be marketing your image per se, but your image is part of the marketing. Read More

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17 Feb

Renewable Demands and Obsolete Bread


There’s no such thing as obsolete bread, unlike gadgets which can go out of style in a matter of months.

In today’s commercialized world, there’s always something newer, more powerful, and more versatile that comes out in the market on a regular basis. We can’t keep up with the buying.

bread Renewable Demands and Obsolete Bread


Human nature tells us to equate “new and latest” with “better.” We get rid of items at a faster rate than ever before.

However, we’re also capable of renewable feelings, which result to renewable demands to the point of perpetual. We are in need of food and water every day.

In man’s hierarchy of needs, among the most important are food, water, and sanitation. Over the centuries, these haven’t changed and will never change. Read More

06 Feb

The Seesaw and Business Leverage

What do levers have to do with your business? Unless you’re in construction or textile, you don’t really go to work with a wheelbarrow or scissors.

Seesaw1 300x150 The Seesaw and Business Leverage

“Leverage” comes from the word “lever,” one of life’s simple machines. A lever is a bar that rests on a fixed point called a fulcrum. The bar is movable and can pivot or rotate to a certain degree.

Some of the things levers can help you with – to make life easier for you:

  • Lift or raise something heavy like the person at the other end of the seesaw
  • Crack nuts
  • Open a bottle of your favorite drink
  • Cut paper and grass

Some popular levers:

Seesaw, Scissors, Wheelbarrow, Wrench, Bottle Opener, and Nutcracker

The Seesaw Physics 

Financial leverage is utilizing borrowed money in the hope of multiplying that amount of money, but against greater risks.

On a similar note, leverage is making a big impact from a small amount of work.

On a seesaw, when you apply force on your end, you’re able to lift the person at the opposite end with a lesser effort than if you would lift the person yourself. The seesaw, a lever, helps you move something with the least amount of effort. This concept can be applied in your business.  

Business Leverage and Spending

Put your business at an advantage without spending a lot. Read More

31 Jan

Cows and Brand Building

How would you feel if you were branded as the guy who accidentally burned down a dormitory with a toaster? To think that you’ve always been a good and law-abiding citizen?

For cattle, the branding can be an equally unforgettable experience. Cowboys use a hot branding iron to burn a mark on a cow’s body.

This mark, being “everlasting,” is used to identify ownership of the cattle. It may sound cruel, but it serves its purpose, which is to make sure the cows stay within their owner’s property, and yes, won’t get stolen.

Branding is equally important in the internet marketing world. If you were to embark on an online business without knowing how to  present yourself, you would be like a dot in a sea of nameless faces, a needle in a haystack, with millions of people probably also thinking the same thing.

dreamstimefree 1408390 300x199 Cows and Brand Building

Branding and Your Identity Read More

11 Apr

How To Spot Scams and Fake Proof of Earnings

Today, everyone is an Internet Marketing guru, Super Affiliate, or Millionaire… at least, according to their claimed proof of earnings on their website or blog. For the rest of us, how can we decide who we should listen to?

The biggest mistake many people made when they started their Internet business is they looked in the wrong place for advice on how to get started. There are many scams on the Internet where scammers show you their “earnings” in a picture.

The truth is, those people probably haven’t made even a dime on the internet. What they do with those pictures is that they use software such as Dreamweaver and Adobe Photoshop to modify their earnings and show fake pictures on their website. In fact, this very minute I can give you at least 10 such suspicious pictures on the Internet. But to avoid getting myself into any trouble, I’m not going to do that. But if you are interested, I can show you, in a video, how I can fake my earnings in as little as 3 minutes here:

As you can see here, anyone who has some basic computer skills can claim that he or she has made zillions of dollars, but in reality, may have made nothing from the Internet. Read More