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23 Oct

Outsourcing: Hiring on a Shoestring Budget?

ID 10097411 Outsourcing: Hiring on a Shoestring Budget?

Imagine having coffee, eating breakfast – while someone from the other side of the world is editing web content for you… and that it’s past dinnertime where that person is right now.  That’s a basic picture of how outsourcing works.

Outsourcing has become something of a staple move for companies around the world – especially those in the U.S.

Before outsourcing , there must be a clear contract or agreement between the two parties.

What Jobs Can be Outsourced?

Although some of what we call outsourcing hotspots aren’t ready to take on very technical tasks, anything is possible in outsourcing. The menu is full of options such as: Read More

23 Aug

How To Do A Successful Internet Marketing Product Launch

Everyone it seems has a product or products to offer these days. It’s a race to the customer’s shopping cart – virtual or made of stainless steel. Here’s a direct-to-the-point, bare-essentials mini guide to successfully launching an internet marketing product.

The idea is – if you think you have something you know is worthwhile to show to the world – launch it! To be poetic, a pearl is next to useless if it remains inside the shell.

  • Develop a (great) product concept.

ID 10067214 How To Do A Successful Internet Marketing Product LaunchA great product concept can be synonymous with sales, but it’s not everything.

It’s something you know a great deal about or something you CAN learn (to expert level). But I’d rather choose the first if I were you.

Nowadays, people are looking for concrete solutions, and they want solutions NOW (this doesn’t give anyone the license to sell a misleading, get-rich-quick scheme).

Just to give you an idea, aside from having good health and looking good, people nowadays want to be rich and to achieve financial freedom (a no-brainer, really).

Start with a product that you know has a strong market demand or something people want to buy. You can add “unique” and “interesting.” Read More

31 Jul

Targeting and Niche Marketing

What is niche marketing? Niche marketing is specific, focused marketing. Think abalone soup of the Chinese soup market, barbecue-flavored Irish potatoes of the huge fries-eating population.

Niche marketing is marketing and promotion aimed at a specific market with its specific preferences, tastes, habits, and demographics. Niche marketing is in essence spoiling your target audience; give them what they want!

ID 10087565 300x199 Targeting and Niche Marketing You can’t succeed at your goal when there’s a mismatch, or you fail to offer your target market what it needs. For instance – unless you’re trying to completely change people’s preferences like making coffee lovers out of staunch tea drinkers – you have a lot of studying to do. That is if you’re really serious about succeeding (who isn’t?).

A mismatch is like: Read More

26 Jul

Basketball and Internet Marketing: Goals and Shots

Internet marketing and basketball may be two seemingly different concepts, but I tell you there are (uncanny?) similarities apart from the fact that one can get really rich from both, and that internet marketers can get so rich they can buy flashy shoes, the kind Kobe or LeBron get signed up by.

Basketball 300x199 Basketball and Internet Marketing: Goals and ShotsWhat’s the goal? Shoot the ball!

Basketball and internet marketing are built on motivation. A basketball player works to shoot the ball (literally into the goal); the internet marketer works to  make his online business successful (obviously!).

Both should have achievable goals.

·         You aren’t naive to wish for one million clicks one second from launch.

·         You can’t wish you were born with shoes “like Mike’s.”

There are many ways to that great shot.

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10 Jun

How To Get Approved By Affiliate Networks

Joining an affiliate network is one of the easiest and best ways to make money online. Creating a site that meets the standards of affiliate networks is therefore very important if you want to monetize it. But don’t worry, there are a couple of steps that you can take to make sure that your site gets a better chance of getting approved by any of the many affiliate networks in the market.

·      Plan and Set Up Your Site

Before you approach any of the affiliate networks, it’s pretty good practice to actually have your site up and running beforehand. This will give affiliate networks something more concrete to factor in when considering your application. Of course, there are some affiliate networks that don’t require you to have a site yet, but taking that shortcut can prove more problematic than profitable – especially if you’re a beginner.

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