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10 Jan

Google Panda Update: High-Quality Linkbuilding

google panda Google Panda Update: High Quality Linkbuilding

High-Quality Linkbuilding in Google Panda’s World

If you’re doing SEO for quite some time now, then you must be aware of the alarming updates released by Google. To keep it simple and short, links will never be the same again because of Google Panda’s new algorithm which was designed to prioritize more quality search results and eliminate low-quality ones. With this, many popular link networks have been penalized recently.

This is indeed bad news for most link builders out there who are still doing the same old tactics of creating and pointing bulk links to their money sites. Not only that, this can be an undesirable pressure to many site owners who want to ensure that there are no low-quality links on every page of their site.

How Would You Know If A Page Has Low-Quality Content?

It is absolutely important that all site owners and link builders learn how to determine the quality of websites and contents. Here are some of the characteristics of low-quality ones:

1. Full of Affiliate Ads

At some point, you might have already visited websites where all you can see are ads and other “Click me” overlaying banners. Read More