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03 Apr

How To Talk To An Audience

small audience1 300x199 How To Talk To An Audience

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Some of the ideas in this article are based on “Moving Mountains” by Henry Boettinger. Many say it’s the best book on communication.

Before you face your audience, remember they’re not spectators in a public whipping. The single best piece of advice: come to your presentation well-prepared.

Try to get inside their minds. If you’re planning to convince people to buy your book, it makes sense to find out if they actually like reading. Knowing how to talk to an audience means knowing what they’re thinking – to a certain degree. You don’t need to know where they attended kindergarten.

Knowing how to talk to an audience means pitching your speech according to their needs. A host in a children’s party doesn’t talk Aristotle philosophy. Read More

18 Feb

Talking Tips for the Tongue-Tied


shy 222x300 Talking Tips for the Tongue Tied

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If you’re tongue-tied, these talking tips are not meant to get you rapping two hundred words a minute, but to get you to relax and enjoy your conversation.

You can be practically tongue-tied for various reasons:

  • You get caught lying.
  • You get caught in a difficult or awkward situation.
  • You see the girl you like.
  • You’re nervous.
  • You’re embarrassed.

But for the most part, being tongue-tied is attributed to plain shyness. For many, it’s nothing but a simple inconvenience, a small glitch fixed by staying away from parties, avoiding meetings, or avoiding eyes and glances.

But for others, it’s an issue that’s no laughing matter because it impacts their lives seriously, almost like an impediment. They sink in their seats and are afraid to speak up in class. They become reclusive.

For a person with social phobia, a job interview feels like a death sentence.   Read More