30 Jan

Defining Copywriting


Copywriting is not copying someone’s writing. 

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It’s not a remote possibility that some copywriters prefer to be simply called “writers” because the well-meaning population misunderstands them and mistakes them for plagiarists when they say they do copywriting.

Copywriting is writing with a commercial intent. Copywriters write to sell or market ideas, products, and services.

       Free Fries on Fridays!

      Buy this, or you’ll miss half of your life!

Copywriters write content for advertisements, brochures, leaflets, banners, newsletters, and other marketing materials.

Copywriting is about persuading, convincing, and their synonyms.

A good copywriter is able to sell tea to a coffee drinker. He or she can weave lines that prompt people to take action. He or she can turn a skeptic into a believer. Read: an awesome copywriter can move mountains.

Actions from readers that copywriters are aiming for:

  • Buy
  • Sign Up
  • Watch
  • Click
  • Subscribe

Copywriting is about truth. It doesn’t exaggerate or lie.

Copywriters cannot deliver false promises. Consumer disappointment is hard to live with. We need disclaimers all the time.

     On a slimming tea label: Only works with regular exercise

     On a bottle of shampoo: Works best with conditioner

Disclaimer: Disclaimers are not excuses to create low-quality products.

Copywriting, real copywriting, is not forgettable.

If you still remember the words to your favorite TV commercial in kindergarten, then you got there a happy and fulfilled copywriter (if he or she only knew).

This doesn’t include annoying marketing earworms (things you don’t forget because you’re forced to listen to them).



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