24 May

How To Get Twitter Followers

ID 10076973 300x198 How To Get Twitter FollowersEveryone who has a Twitter account wants more followers. That’s probably what brought you to this post in the first place. First off, gaining thousands of Twitter followers rarely happens overnight. Unless you’re the Dalai Lama or Lady Gaga, you’re going to have to do some work to produce a considerable increase in the number of your Twitter followers.

The following are tested ways of gaining Twitter followers. Make it a point to invest some of your social media marketing time to do the following tips and you just might be pleasantly surprised after a couple of days.

1. Make your profile shine.

People will not want to follow a “stranger” on Twitter. By “stranger” I mean someone who hasn’t bothered investing some time updating his profile and placing the appropriate information. It’s also very unlikely that people will follow you if you leave your profile picture and your bio blank. Invest some time making your profile shine. Upload a good headshot and update all of the relevant information. Putting a face on your profile makes you more real and more trustworthy.

2. Post great content.

Quality over quantity. Be authentic and authoritative. Post informative and useful content. There is a lot of advice regarding the content that you should post on Twitter. But the bottom line is to always provide useful and timely content to your followers. Don’t drown them with posts about things that they would hardly care about. Also, try to mix it up. If your followers follow you because of your great cooking advice, tweet something about that fantastic Mexican diner you stumbled upon last weekend.

3. Stay away from black hat techniques.

Sometimes it might sound inviting to practice some black hat techniques to increase your Twitter followers. While these techniques might increase your Twitter following (one such technique, for example, allows you to buy a set number of followers for a price), it can also just as easily lower your credibility and authenticity. It might also have some unwanted effects. Buying Twitter followers, for example, will provide you with followers who don’t have the slightest interest in you and your posts.

4. Tell everyone you’re on Twitter.

Spread the word that you have a Twitter account – but don’t just do it on Twitter. Link your sites to your Twitter profile, add widgets on your blogs to show your recent Twitter posts, place your Twitter account on business cards and other printed materials that you might have. Do the same for your online and offline ads, if you have any. Mention your Twitter account wherever and whenever possible. The more you tell others about your Twitter profile, the more chances you will have that they will follow you – especially, if you can come up with an imaginative marketing idea.

5. Interact with other people on Twitter.

Sure, there are a lot of applications out there that promise to automate the whole Twitter experience – like automatically following or even posting – but the fact remains that Twitter is still a social tool.

So, be social.

Image: freedigitalphotos.net

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