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How to Write Catchy Titles


Think of your title as bait. People should take it.  

It serves as a door or window to the rest of your content. If people see a dull entrance, why would they bother to come inside?

You only have a few seconds to make an impression. One look and two things can happen. People either:

  • Proceed to read the whole of your content
  • Or hit the back arrow right away

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1.    Pick an interesting, in-demand subject (earth-shaking even).

Choose a topic that you know people want to read or need to read about. Start with practical subject matters or something they need on an ordinary day. Be it a list of tips to create an interesting blog or how to remove carpet stains.

You can also do fun content. After all, many people go online to be entertained. Here are two good titles:

    What Your Email Says About Your Mentality

    Reasons Why You’re Broke

2.   Be faithful to your title.

See to it that it accurately reflects what you’re talking about in your article.

You can’t disappoint your readers. For instance, if your title is “Win a Trip to Paradise,” but your content actually talks about the possibility of winning a trip to paradise, you would appear lying – and lies disappoint.

3.  Entice.

Find out what your target audience wants. Put yourself in their shoes. Now ask yourself, “If I saw this title, would I be interested to read the article or not?”

4.  Use your keywords.

Don’t forget SEO basics.   Make your title relevant to your target audience. Imagine what they would likely type as they search for information on the internet. If they want to “order pizza online,” you can make your title exciting by adding more words or a phrase. So, your title would be like:

Order Pizza Online the Quickest!

5.  Compel people to action.

Involve your readers as participants in your content. Empower them. Encourage them. Make them realize they can do something. Here are some good examples:

    You Can Remove Molds and Mildew

    You Can Get Rich Online

    Multiply Your Savings

6.  Be specific and direct.

You don’t have to be wordy to catch attention. Say what you mean to say without winding. This is okay, but you can do better:

    What To Do To Get Your Furry Best Friend To Obey You

These are better:

    Teach Your Dog Obedience

    How To Make Your Dog Obey You

7.  Get conversational.

Write your titles in such a way as if you’re talking to your readers.

    What Does Your Name Mean?

    Watch Your Weight!

8. Keep the language simple.

Don’t make your titles complicated. You don’t have to use BIG words.

Yes, “Getting An Effulgent Personality” is the same as “Getting A Radiant Personality.”

Quick Points:

  • You can teach.

How-to articles, no matter how common, are still effective because they provide solutions, and people often go online for solutions. That’s the point.

  • You can ask questions.

It spurs people to be curious, especially if the subject holds their interest. Here are two examples:

    Why Is The Blackboard Green?

    Why Is The Black Box Orange?

We can go all day discussing how to create catchy titles, but the bottom line is this:

          Grab their attention, and don’t bore them!

That should take care of the rest.


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