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10 Apr

How To Start A Blog

I finally decided to redesign my blog for the last time after 3 years of switching themes and logo designs back and forth. So this is it! I spent 3

Photoxpress 4927570 200x300 How To Start A Blog hours putting everything together. So here are the steps you can follow to start your own blog under 3 hours.

1. Choose WordPress.com or WordPress.org

The differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org are well explained on this page:


In a nutshell, WordPress.com is easier to install but has less control while WordPress.org provides more control. In general, if your blog is for personal use and you don’t care much about your blog looking extremely professional, you should probably choose WordPress.com. Otherwise, if you want to use your own logo, customize the theme, and change the layout, you should choose WordPress.org.

2. If you choose WordPress.com, read on. Read More