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23 Feb

Jeremy Lin and Adjectives

The Jeremy Lin story has inspired the media to spin wordplays like Linsation, Linsanity, and Linternational. It’s been a while since the world has been swept away by something like this. In fact, I’ve never seen anything like it before, someone going from bench player to hero in a matter of days and a few games.

Jeremy Lin with the Knicks and reporters Jeremy Lin and Adjectives


Jeremy Lin’s story works because we see a little of ourselves or what we want for ourselves in him, the undervalued rising from the ranks. Beyond the buzz and the media frenzy, Jeremy Lin is making me sit down and think about adjectives and facts of life. Yes, I could use some descriptions here.


Jeremy Lin went from relative obscurity to overwhelming popularity in early February. His story is a reminder that you don’t have to start stellar or be drafted right out of high school like LeBron James or Kobe Bryant to make a name for yourself. Take that to a broader perspective, life in general. To achieve big success, our initial step need not be a leap. Read More