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Targeting and Niche Marketing

What is niche marketing? Niche marketing is specific, focused marketing. Think abalone soup of the Chinese soup market, barbecue-flavored Irish potatoes of the huge fries-eating population.

Niche marketing is marketing and promotion aimed at a specific market with its specific preferences, tastes, habits, and demographics. Niche marketing is in essence spoiling your target audience; give them what they want!

ID 10087565 300x199 Targeting and Niche Marketing You can’t succeed at your goal when there’s a mismatch, or you fail to offer your target market what it needs. For instance – unless you’re trying to completely change people’s preferences like making coffee lovers out of staunch tea drinkers – you have a lot of studying to do. That is if you’re really serious about succeeding (who isn’t?).

A mismatch is like:

  • A clown who is talking Plato at a children’s party
  • You running a home solutions company and sending your best plumber when a client asks for a heating and air-conditioning technician

Research what your target audience is looking for, what they want, what they need. Plan on how to deliver and meet those needs and wants.

Know your niche. Examine aspects of your target market, so you’ll know what its demands are:

  • Age – Cartoon Network and Disney Channel target children, not people going through midlife crisis.
  • Preferences – CNN Money targets businesspeople, people who care a lot when stocks plummet.
  • Income Bracket – Manufacturers of pricey handbags target women (…who can afford).
  • Habits – You also have to understand what goes on in the mind of your audience. Are they willing to spend at this time of the year? Is the week after Thanksgiving the best time to offer them discounts or holiday-shopping deals? How do they read online articles online so you could place your punch lines in strategic places?
  • Location – You don’t want to sell ice cream in Antarctica. Period.

Basically, niche marketing is simply promoting weight loss programs and products to people who want to lose weight, home business opportunities to people who want to earn from home, etc. Imagine this scenario:

You’re thinking of putting up a restaurant business. It’s a district populated by working-class people who are too busy and just want to have a fresh and decent meal for their lunch break. It would be wiser to offer them the likes of big sandwiches on a daily basis – than fillet mignon and cognac.

The market is subdivided into categories – niches. There are mainstream or broad niches: lovers of Chinese soups or fast food fanatics. These broad niche markets have smaller niches under them. Finding your niche is much like finding where your interests belong; the bottom line is choosing a niche market you have the survival tools for and a substantial amount of knowledge in.

Niche marketing is tailored marketing. HomePortfolio.com is an online portfolio of home designs and products. They cater specifically to people who are looking for home improvement ideas. I have read the story of the humble beginnings of this beautiful website. It was considered a unique concept when it started out in the late 1990s. Similar websites have cropped up over the years, but it continues to be a leading resource in its niche.

Internet marketing is promoting products, services, and ideas online – though offline SEO and promotion are a great complement.

Aside from your target audience, these are things you need to look into when doing niche marketing:

Content – Ideas, text, pictures, videos, interactions…Content is the centerpiece of your marketing efforts. If you have unique, compelling, and interesting ideas – short of earth-shaking – you have great chances of hooking people. Tailor your content according to your target audience’s queries, targeting keywords they would use when searching for information (but not to the point of keyword stuffing). There are a lot of keyword tools you can use for this.

Search Engines – Maybe we all agree that “Content is King,” but content is a lonely pauper when it’s virtually nonexistent to your target audience, your niche market. Feed the spiders. Optimize your website.

Competitors – The market may become saturated, even cluttered with similar concepts. The advice is to find smaller niches with fewer or possibly no clear competitors.

It’s good to have a website with well-written content under different topics, but it ‘s also good to develop a website for a specific purpose. Specificity gives direction to an internet marketing campaign.

“How to make money” is okay, but “how to make money by watching TV” is the bomb.

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